2021-09-29 14:14

Cassandra and Alison were in the kitchen, talking and laughing while they made pancakes together. Alison was the first to notice me when I sat down on the couch.

"Oh hey, Christopher! Good morning! We thought you were going to sleep all day." She was dressed for running, in a white tank top and black spandex shorts. Her blonde hair was messy from working out, and her shirt stuck to her body, which was still shiny with sweat.

Cassandra was quick to add her own innocent enthusiasm. "Morning! We are making pancakes!" She had also clearly been running, and her hair was still tied up in a ponytail. Her face still had a hint of redness, and the muscles in her legs were toned and hard. "Dom went home for the weekend, so we don't have to listen to his music all day!"

I hadn't yet placed what seemed different, but that was it. Normally, when I stayed with Cassandra that summer, I had lived alongside Dom's music. He played party music every moment he was awake, and loudly. The current quiet was unusual and, once I recognized it, I appreciated it very much.

I thankfully ate breakfast with the girls and they talked about how they wanted to spend the rest of the day. They eventually arrived on baking cookies and, after we had all eaten our fill, I moved back to the couch to read and they busied themselves in preparing to bake. It was strange to watch them together. They interacted like friends; very close friends, but no more. I would never have suspected that there was anything more between them ...had I not been shown otherwise.

At around noon I figured I should get myself together, so I hauled myself off the couch and headed for the shower. After showering, I was drying off when the door opened and Cassandra came in to say hello.

"Are you having a good morning?" she asked.

"I'm having a great morning. Although I can think of one thing that would make it better..." For some reason, even though it was no secret, bringing up the topic still brought out a bit of shyness in me.

Cassandra gave me a look that I couldn't quite read. "Of course there is... I'll ask Alison later." Then she left, leaving me to get dressed alone. I dressed myself and moved to Cassandra's room, where I returned to my book and tried to put sex out of my mind.

I was interrupted again by Cassandra opening the door. When she came in though, she was followed by Alison. My breath caught in my throat when I managed to put together what was going on.

Alison glanced at me -- her eyes were blue in a way I had never seen, they had the light hue of the sky, without even a hint of any other color -- then she pushed Cassandra against the wall and kissed her fiercely. I watched while Alison used my girlfriend as the object of her intense desire. Her whole body betrayed her arousal. I could see her hands tremble as she pulled Cassandra's shirt off, then pulled off her own, and she let out a soft moan when she pressed her near naked torso against Cassandra's. I don't think I have ever seen a person so turned on in my life. I considered myself that Alison found me attractive, but it was very clear that, from her perspective, I had nothing on Cassandra. This show wasn't for my benefit, it was for hers. She tore Cassandra's clothes off, and then her own, with desperate effort. She then threw herself into the task of burying her senses in her gorgeous lover. Her mouth dropped to Cassandra's nipples, her right arm wrapped around the outside of Cassandra's leg and ended with her fingertips brushing the lips of Cassandra's shaved pussy. Her left hand was at her own clit, and her legs were spread awkwardly and trembling, trying to hold her in the position she was in. This was a girl on fire with lust, who didn't even notice that I was there watching anymore.

Cassandra was taken aback by the sudden and overwhelming onslaught. She seemed to be surprised to see Alison tonguing her nipples, one then the other, but she quickly caught up. She put her hands on Alison's shoulder and took in the feelings for a bit, then gently pushed the girl up from under her arms until they were both staring at one another. Cassandra grabbed Alison's ass with both hands and pulled her in for a kiss. Alison's ass was smaller, and had the same fair shade as her skin. Cassandra gripped it tightly and I could see her skin turn pink under the fingers. They explored each other's bodies with their hands while they kissed, and then Cassandra pulled away and glanced over at me, still lying on the bed, fully clothed, though I had long ago tossed my book aside.

"I think we are forgetting somebody"

Alison looked over to me as well. She had an apologetic expression on her face. "Oh yeah. Sorry, Christopher, I got carried away."

I laughed. "Don't apologize. You girls can do anything you want, and I will be happy."

The two naked girls walked over and lay down on the bed with me. Cassandra kissed me, and then pushed Alison down onto her back between us, so that her entire front was exposed. Alison's breasts were smaller than Cassandra's, but equally beautiful. They were pointed, and her light brown nipples protruded from the end like they were begging for attention. While Cassandra kissed her, I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, rolling my tongue over it. She was incredibly responsive, but she didn't squirm. Instead, she moaned into Cassandra's mouth and arched her back, trying to push her chest harder into my mouth. My hand found its way between her legs and was met with incredible wetness. The girl produced juices like a water fountain, and my hand was immediately covered in them. I rubbed my fingers across her pussy lips until the end of my middle finger met with the button of her clit. She gasped when I touched it, and when I started to rub it up and down, she closed her eyes and bucked her hips into my fingers.

At this, I couldn't help myself. I moved until I was between her knees, and spread her legs apart to expose her pussy. She was shaved as well, and had the most beautiful pussy that I have ever seen. Normally, I don't get much out of looking at a pussy, but Alison was somehow different. Her pubic mound was accentuated, pushing out from her pelvis like a tiny hill on her body. Her lips were pink and smooth and small. They opened a little bit towards the bottom, giving a slight hint of what they hid. Mostly though, it was beyond description, but it was the center of her sexuality, and a picture of it still sometimes sneaks into my head when I close my eyes.

I took a moment just to look, and then brought my face to it. Cassandra had moved to Alison's chest at this point, and I could hear Alison's moans while I ate her out. My hand found Cassandra's foot, and I slid it up the back of her leg to grasp her ass, then I pushed two fingers into her tight pussy and pressed my thumb against her clit. She squirmed at the feeling, but then she, too began to moan while she sucked and licked at Alison's chest.

We kept this up for a while, and Alison came over and over and the hands of me and my girlfriend, then she and Cassandra switched places and I had the chance to taste my girlfriends perfect pussy while I pushed my fingers in and out of Alison's. Then, Alison looked back at me.

"I think it's your turn," she said. Cassandra agreed and sat up to make space. I lay down on my back between them and they pressed themselves against me from either side. Alison was on my left, and her left hand reached down and she wrapped her fingers around my cock. Cassandra's right hand found my balls and she cupped and rubbed them while Alison jerked me. I made out with Cassandra, and I could feel Alison kissing my chest and neck, then I turned my head to Alison and she thrust her tongue in my mouth, kissing me wetly while she jerked my cock with abandon.

Then she pulled away and crawled down between my legs. Cassandra moved her hand off my balls to my chest, and Alison replaced Cassandra's hand with her own. She then sunk her lips over the head of my cock and began bobbing it up and down. She could only make it down about halfway, so she used her free hand to grasp it at the base. I was lying on my back, my right hand was holding Cassandra's ass while Cassandra kissed my neck and rubbed her hand across my chest. My left hand was holding Alison's hair back while I watched her suck my cock and fondle my balls.

When I felt myself approaching orgasm, Cassandra felt it too. She picked her head up and reached her hand out to Alison. "Tag me in!"

Alison released my pulsing cock from her mouth and giggled. She tagged Cassandra's hand and they quickly switched places. The short break had given me some relief and I was still a little ways from cumming. Cassandra wrapped her lips around my cock and took it deep into her throat for as long as she could stand. She then let some out, and started bobbing up and down rhythmically.

Alison went back to lustfully attacking my mouth with her own. I reached down to cup her ass, and my middle finger pushed against her asshole. She looked at me with surprise, and then lust, before planting her mouth against mine again. I took this as a yes, and slowly pushed my finger into her tight ass. She took her mouth off mine and moaned, then started to grind her crotch into my leg and kiss my chest. It didn't take long for the combination of this and my fingering her asshole to bring her to another orgasm. I felt her clamp hard down on my finger, and she yelled out, "Oh, oh my God!" and then silenced herself by pushing her mouth back against mine while she bucked and groaned.

It was at this moment that Cassandra took my cock down her throat again, which she complimented by rubbing the base of my balls with her fingertips. This, finally, was too much for me, and I groaned into Alison's mouth and my cum unloaded down my girlfriends throat. Cassandra held my cock down her throat until I was still again. She then sat up and giggled. Alison finished her last orgasm a little bit before me, and she lay next to me, spent and sweaty, with her head on my shoulder and her arm wrapped across my chest. Cassandra crawled back up the bed and took her place on my other side. I held the two girls in my arms as we all recovered.

We lay there for a while after, cuddling and talking, before the girls decided it was time to go back to their baking. They stood up and dressed in front of me, and then walked out of the room together, leaving me to nap on my own.

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