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The first week for the freshmen was always a challenge. They had to balance class time, training, homework and sex. They were for the most part too tired the first week for nightly sex. In fact, they waited until Saturday to have sex in their dorm rooms. On Sunday they were in the training room for massage foreplay and group sex.

Coach Harris got his schedule going during the second week when the freshmen would visit his office. It was Danny on Monday, Colin on Tuesday, Spence on Wednesday and Chris on Thursday. This year Dr. Grainger was also included in the rotation and he got to see the boys in his office. He had Spence on Monday, Chris on Tuesday, Danny on Wednesday and Colin on Thursday. Between the coach, doctor and upper classmen, the freshmen had more cock than they would ever have imagined.

Robby and Tyler liked the massage foreplay so much that they began doing it in their room on Saturdays. Tyler loved to spread oil all over the sexy Robby, especially his killer ass. Tyler would stand alongside the bed and rub Robby's buttocks with both hands. He pulled the cheeks apart to expose the cute aperture and let oil dribble on the twitching anus. Keeping the buttocks in both hands, he pulled them apart far enough so that he could run his finger over the anus. He probed it letting his finger go in up to the first knuckle.

Tyler toyed with the lovely bottom, rubbing it, caressing it and probing the entry. He slid his finger into the second knuckle and then buried it in the receptive ass. His oily hands pried the cheeks further apart and he probed the anus with an index finger from both hands. He let his fingers slide in up to the first knuckle. He marveled at the beautifully shaped ass and he could wait no longer. His cock was hard and throbbing.

He got up on the bed and straddled the lovely Robby. He aimed his cock at the sweet hole and eased it in slowly and steadily. His hands and knees were outside Robby's body as the stiff dick filled his rectum. Tyler began fucking Robby who pushed his ass up to receive the cock each time. Given the extensive foreplay, both teens were ready to blow their loads. Tyler fired a barrage into Robby's ass filling it with warm seed. The sensation triggered Robby's ejaculation and he doused his bed sheets.

They remained in the same position for several minutes and then it was Tyler's turn. He would be massaged and fucked by Robby. In another dorm room the same type of session was played out with Danny and Spence. Hours later the four of them were in the cafeteria having lunch. They agreed for the four of them to hook up after lunch that Saturday. There were not any more massages, just great sex with the four of them.

The others were active as well on a Saturday morning having one on one sex. Sunday would be different as they would have a light swim, some jacuzzi time and then massage foreplay. The coach looked in on them, it looked like a massage therapy class was being conducted in the training room. It was exciting to see four lovely asses being massaged and then fucked.


After a swim session on Friday later that week, Coach had Danny come to his office. The doctor was there too and Danny knew that he was in for a hot time. Robby, Tyler and Spence were summoned to the training room by the upper classmen.

The three gay students knew what was up and they looked forward to the group sex. They followed Blake to the training room where the other three were waiting for them. The upper classmen fished their cocks out of their Speedos and told the boys to suck them. The seniors and juniors were always taken with Spence's effeminate looks, he was clearly a beauty and everyone loved fucking him. Everyone shed their Speedos and displayed a boner.


Spence was placed on his back and surrounded by the four upperclassmen who all had their hard cocks on display. They were enamored with Spence's delicate body and smooth flawless skin. It was as if they were seeing him naked for the first time. They ran their hands all over his body and toyed with his testicles and pecker. The smaller cock was hard in seconds. Blake poured oil onto Spence's abdomen and Tony and Vince rubbed it in and coated his cute erection.

When Danny and Spence arrived, they were introduced to the two alums. Then they were dressed up like girls and it was actually a little daunting because they really looked like young women. They both wore long hair wigs, pantyhose, mini-skirts, and padded bras under their blouses. Adam and Devin went gaga over the pretty gays. It especially was a turn on when they fucked Danny and Spence while they were clothed. Both mini-skirts were raised to the waist and the pantyhose were pulled down just below their buttocks.

It started with Devin and Adam sitting on the sofa with Spence keeling in front of Devin and Danny in front of Adam. Devin and Adam allowed their pants and underwear to be lowered so that their cocks were available. Both had average size cocks of about six inches. Spence sucked on Devin and Danny sucked Adam with their sweet mouths. The two gays kept sucking cocks keeping them hard until it was time to take their hot curvy asses. Danny lubed Spence's ass who in turn got his lover ready.


They knelt over the coffee table with the mini-skirts pushed up to the waist and the pantyhose lowered to just below their buttocks. They really looked like two pretty girls about to get butt fucked. It was the very erotic scene involving the pretty freshmen. Adam and Devin were both excited to fuck the pretty gays in that position with their clothes on. After both of them came in the shapely asses, they kicked back with a drink and watched as Spence and Danny pleasured each other.

Still clothed Spence and Danny moved into a 69 position on the floor and sucked each other's cock. They were really turned on and it didn't take long for them to cum. In fact, they both came twice before it was time to get their asses fucked a second time. This time Adam fucked Spence and Devin fucked Danny. The entire time no one removed their clothes which made the experience more exciting. It took a little longer before they all ejaculated again and then they were done.

Adam and Devin redressed and thanked the coach for his hospitality. They took the female clothes and wigs from the boys and left. Coach was not ready to take the boys back to the campus. After watching them with the alumni, he was ready to fuck the scrumptious asses. He had them kneel side by side as he first fucked Danny and fingered Spence. He went back and forth between the two beauties until he was ready to shoot. He aimed his cock at both bottoms and sprayed them with his seed.

Coach then got them each a beer and they went out to the jacuzzi. The three relaxed and later that day the coach brought them back to the college. He kept thinking about the two boys dressed as girls and they clearly could pass for young women, especially Spence. The coach decided that he might invest in some female outfits for the next time he had them at his place.


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