Key Aspects Of Blogging

2019-02-07 17:49

Back in 2010, I decided to take my travelling passion to another level. With digitalization gaining popularity, all my friends were trying their hands in different aspects of digital marketing. Some were enrolling for online search engine optimization short-term courses and others were polishing their writing skills to take up SEO projects. They realised the importance of the internet marketing well in time. There were a couple of my friends who left their 9 to 6 jobs to start their own SEO firm. With so many things coming up, it was hard to focus on a single thing. Therefore, I designed my website and turned in to blogging. When I was discovering and learning about this new world, every second article I read online laid emphasis on quality content creation. I thought it is the right time to use writing as my weapon to make a difference in the world. 

Initially, I could not manage more than a few blogs in a week but as I understood that content was really the king, I started writing more often on my travel website. During the years, I had been to many places in India as well as abroad. So, I chose to share my travel experience and story with people you genuinely seemed interested in them. Establishing an user base was a challenging task. There were days when I used to patiently wait for readers to connect to me and get a sleek peek into my travel journey. For a new website like mine, it was not easy to create a strong identity in the market. My digital specialists working in SEO company in Salt Lake City suggested me to refrain from investing money to get the top Goggle ranks for my keywords. I was perplexed at their suggestion. But as they revealed me the reason, it seemed the right thing to me. They made me understand that certain keywords are already bought by the top-notch brands. So, there is no point in shelling out money in them. Instead, it is better that a new brand focuses on predominating the local markets. Due to less competition in such markets, it is easier to get established there. 

When the top companies were competing with each other, I and experts were putting  putting efforts and resources to compete with the local  travel bloggers. To my surprise, with the employment of an experienced SEO firm,  the traffic to my site significantly increased. After a couple of months, the scenario changed. Earlier it was me who used to wait for readers but now my readers searched for my travel blogs. Every like, comment and share told the world that I had something unique and informative for them.

Yes, content is an integral part of search engine optimization. As I included the relevant keywords in my content, I started earning from my writing. Probably, the first time in my life I felt that I did the right thing in pursuing a career as a travel blogger. 

If you are also planning to earn money out of blogging, you should get started. There is no wrong or right time but the moment you decide to follow your heart is the right time.

Hope you found this blog useful. For any query or assistance, feel free to connect with our experts from a well-established SEO company in Salt Lake City.

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