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2018-11-13 10:31

  This past year was the year of the bathroom. , homeowners focused their renovation efforts on bathrooms "to accommodate the needs of a growing family." But this same research indicates that 2019 will be the year of the kitchen, with homeowners "aiming to create an in-home oasis that reduces stress and boosts wellness."

  According Elle H-Millard, the Industry Relations Manager for the National Kitchen and Bath Association, homeowners may create wellness by purchasing appliances like steam cookers, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, and playing with earthy tones in the kitchen color scheme.

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  "Manufacturers are really picking up on the wellness trend and trying to give consumers as many options as possible for cooking healthy meals at home in the kitchen," HomeAdvisor's Smart Home Strategist and Home Expert Dan DiClerico said.

  One way to help homeowners create connected indoor and outdoor spaces is to add sliding glass wall connecting the kitchen to the exterior of the home. DiClerico says the natural light could benefit the homeowners with improved moods. The color schemes of kitchens are also changing and this will likely be a theme of 2019, both DiClerico and H-Millard said.

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  DiClerico and H-Millard say the all-white kitchen isn't gone, but blues and greens are gradually taking over. H-Millard says homeowners are slathering their cabinets with denim, navy, and washed-out blue hues and accenting them with ombre metal finishes, such as a gradient from brass to stainless, to create a stunning visual.

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  For what is not hot in kitchen design, DiClerico indicates that marble, granite, and stainless steel are losing popularity. Quartz and black stainless steel are emerging to capture the three materials' fading market share.

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