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2018-10-26 15:38

Three years ago, I stepped off a Northline bus into the cold February air so foreign to me as a California native. Having just come back from winter break and now a few weeks into my second semester, I had a newfound determination to shake the homesickness that had plagued the beginning of my college experience. But that nostalgic pain struck once again as I shifted my scarf and imagined how only a few weeks ago I had sat in the sand with the sun shining down on me. 

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I had come to Barrack’s Road with no more intent than grabbing a burrito, but soon decided to do a little exploring, since it was about time I ventured farther than Chipotle. I walked clumsily across the pavement, trying not to slip on small patches of ice as I went. I quietly kicked myself for previously declaring that I wanted to move somewhere I could “experience more than one season.” I passed a large grocery store, a boutique or two and a few other staples of the suburban shopping center until I stumbled across a more heartwarming sight — a Barnes & Noble.

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There was an instant comfort in the familiar setup — there was the small café, humming with the sounds and smells of coffee, where an older gentleman perused his newspaper under the classic 

mural of 19th- and 20th-century authors. In the children’s corner sat a young girl reading with her mother beneath the alcove where Winnie the pooh and friends danced upon the walls. I felt at ease among the dark wooden bookshelves and the forest green carpet. A new, more soothing nostalgia washed over me.

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I could have been anywhere. I could have been at home.

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Besides a few minor details, there was little difference between the store in my hometown and the one here in Charlottesville. Say what you will about corporate America, and granted, I doubt 

anybody gets this relief from walking into a McDonald’s or another chain, but the familiarity a chain brings can give the illusion of being at home even when 3,000 miles away from it.


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