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2018-10-10 14:49

  Suppose he had a check for ten million instead. And if you accept it, you will no longer have use of your arms or legs. Would you take that deal? Ah, uh, telephone and how when shooting in you mail 

lambo watching the play among fee fee nicks jin tian, we need that later when john shea, let's and you shouldn't either in feng xin, hi, is your body here?

  Allow me to reintroduce myself. I'm the home that she have always lived in. Surely, you remember we grew up together and writing this letter, cause a few neglected in this relationship, very 

disappointed in what i've been seeing with your ambition to make money. You sacrifice to my well being, which makes no sense in the least, because when I guess sake, you sacrifice to that the same money to 

recuperate me. And what's even more ironic is with all your interest in profit, you can even see the truth that am worth over a billion dollars. Don't believe me. Ok, i'll prove it. If someone came to you 

with a check for one million and said here, oh, I want in return is your eyesight, you will never be able to see another sunset for the rest of your natural life.

  Would you take that? Do you? Okay, let's up the bid. Suppose he had a check for ten million instead. And if we accept it too, you will no longer have use of your arms or legs. Would you take that 

deal? I can answer that for you. No, those are silly options, because you know that as your body, I am worth over a billion dollars. And don't get me started with the heart if I was a company, right, this 

heart wouldn't get employee of the month. It would get the employee of the life. Because throughout your entire existence as a person, your heart never stops working. Even when you are slipping. It doesn't 

stop beating. That's every second, every minute, every day. And come to think of it, I can't recall you even sing. Thanks.Anyway, I don't want this to come off as rude. Just asking for a little attention 

here. Dude, I know you try to make me look perfect when you are is diagraming.

  But we both know you've been taking me for granted. Consider this an opportunity after this video ends. Don't click to the next one, like you do usually take some time by yourself just you and me 

place your hand on your chest and say thank you to your heartbeat to rise legs, arms to your hands that you use for climbing to your lungs that bring you breath without you even trying. I do know for you 

because you come first because you're my homie. We go back to way like birth. I just think his time you started treating me what i'm worth. Uh, uh, the ancient the shooting the show young you may long to 

consider moved out early to tell schuller when it I wish into your house. So so in you mail and oh like you which she hook and or not sheng wei wen watch a movie phoenix.