The water lilies have no taboo

2017-11-07 22:22

Lily is a herbaceous plant for many years, his taste and yam is similar, in addition to containing some nutrients, such as trace elements, starch, fat, protein and vitamins and carotenoids, also contain some special nutrients, Li Ruqiu these alkaloids tazettine. Experts tell us that these alkaloids have very good nourishing effect in the body, very suitable for those frail or suffering from a disease, bronchitis pulmonary tuberculosis patients, in addition to cancer also has certain preventive effect.

Under normal circumstances the lily soaked in water to drink and will not appear any side effects, except in a few special people can not take lily, most people have health care after taking a good role. However, we should all know that the drug is three points poison, so no matter whether the effect of this drug is too large, the benefits of the body more are not suitable for long-term use, or a large number of taking. So, we must pay special attention to daily when Lily soaked in water to drink, do not be able to take a large number of long-term.

Lily is mild in nature, so it doesn't have too much toxic or side effects after taking it. It is important to note that pregnant women do not to the lily soaked in water to drink, besides some or spleen deficiency diarrhea patients is best not to take, to avoid aggravating illness.

Scientists have found that in clinical trials, although Lily drink water has insomnia to a certain extent, but more suitable for mild insomnia patients. If you take Lily after insomnia did not get good results this time, it should be appropriate to control the dose, or to make the body diazepam sleep time increased, but do not to take for a long time. This is because the long-term use of large amounts of diazepam for physical harm is relatively large, and easily lead to drug dependence of patients. If insomnia has been given to patients, then the amount of Valium should be reduced, and assisted by traditional Chinese medicine, this is the best choice.

In the daily when Lily drink water must be used every time, as long as the removal of Lily 2~3 grams can be, don't you. Then, love the lily, put it in a cup, stew it in boiling water for about ten minutes and take it, so it's good for your health.