I know, tonight to bother.

2017-10-13 02:22

The rain Fifi, a lot more moisture in the air. Stand in the school corridor, looking ahead, in front of the school seems to block the high-rise blocks of spring girl antecedents, Yin Ze oppression, only the school wall Parthenocissus green leaves in an effort to show people the breath of spring. The cold wave years ago froze the triangular branches and leaves of the north wall, and the withered branches and leaves were still decadent and drooping, which made the campus less open. The leaders who had come to the school to investigate and study said, "you are really doing the dojo in the screw shell.". The sparrow is small, the five organs are complete, students study and live in school every day, and the school management and teaching quality in the annual target assessment in the ranks of excellence WSET School.

I miss the career of rural primary school more than 20 years ago. Is a small school, also in such a rain evening, looking ahead, the rain is indistinct sea fairyland. Smoke curl, with mother hurriedly call in school is not home children eat, the quiet village infiltration in the spring mist. A rain, students come to school to see me, see the sea shore after rain after a clear blue sky, white clouds, mountains, sea, such as the veil like mist through the mountains, very pure nature. Classmate say: ah, if I were a poet, see this beautiful scenery, is the poem! The students sigh with Minnan dialect, "poet" and "dead" homophonic, then we misunderstood the joke myob accounting.

Think of more than twenty years of vicissitudes of life, from the backward blocked island village to the downtown area, the quality of life has not been improved, but can get learning opportunities and space much larger. After the peninsula road opened to traffic, the life of the people in the countryside was more comfortable, and the poet who wanted to be a poet was now the manager of a redwood furniture company in Dongguan. Years ago when my classmates look fat, he was still laughing, still in the town to do my childhood ideal occupation, only in the side quietly listening to you talk about, I didn't mention many years ago we had some ideals and aspirations at that time home energy saving.

The rain is still murmuring, the school time is up, parents come to pick up the children, the campus is noisy. Put down your pen, tidy up, and get ready to go home from work. Walking in the rain in the rain, received the leadership calls to modify a speech ready to give young colleagues take part in the speech contest, I know, tonight to bother.