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"And this is to be my home!" she murmured. "How strange, unexpected, yet natural it all is!  Just what he led me to expect.  The little lonely farmhouse, where future leaders I can be safe from staring eyes and unwounded by cruel questionings.  Yet that old man had a dozen questions on his tongue.  I believe HE took him away to save my feelings.  It's strange that so plain and simple a man in most respects can be so considerate.  Oh, pray God that all goes on as it promises!  I couldn't have dreamt it this morning, but I have an odd, homelike feeling already.  Well, since I AM at home I may as well take off my hat and cloak."
And she did so.  Holcroft entered and said heartily, "That's right, Alida!  You are here to stay, you know.  You mustn't think it amiss that I left you a few moments alone for I had to get that talkative old man off home.  He's getting a little childish and would fire questions at you point-blank."
"But shouldn't you have taken him home in the wagon?  I don't mind being alone."
"Oh, no!  He's spry enough to walk twice the distance and often does.  It's light as day outside, and I made it right with him.  You can leave your things upstairs in your room, and I'll carry up your bundles also if you are rested enough for the journey."
"Oh, yes!" she replied, "I'm feeling better already."
He led the way to the apartment that Mrs. Mumpson had occupied and said regretfully, "I'm sorry the room looks so bare and comfortless, but that will all be mended in time.  When you come down, we'll have some coffee and supper."
She soon reappeared in the kitchen, and he continued, "Now I'll show you that I'm not such a very Neo Skin Lab skout helpless sort of man, after all; so if you're sick you needn't worry.  I'm going to get you a good cup of coffee and broil you a piece of steak."
"Oh!  Please let me--" she began.
"No, can't allow you to do anything tonight but sit in that chair.  You promised to mind, you know," and he smiled so genially that she smiled back at him although tears came into her eyes.
"I can't realize it all," she said in a low voice. "To think how this day began and how it is ending!"
"It's ending in a poor man's kitchen, Alida.  It was rather rough to bring you in here first, but the parlor is cold and comfortless.
"I would rather be brought here.  It seems to me that it must be a light and cheerful room."
"Yes, the sun , and there's another window facing the south, so it's light all day long."
She watched him curiously and with not a little self-reproach as he deftly prepared supper. "It's too  Bed Side Terminal bad for me to sit idle while you do such things, yet you do everything so well that I fear I shall seem awkward.  Still, I think I do at least know how to cook a little."
"If you knew what I've had to put up with for a year or more, you wouldn't worry about satisfying me in this respect.  Except when old Mrs. Wiggins was here, I had few decent meals that I didn't get myself," and then, to cheer her up, he laughingly told her of Mrs. Mumpson's essay at making coffee.  He had a certain dry humor, and his unwonted effort at mimicry was so droll in itself that Alida was startled to hear her own voice in laughter, and she looked almost frightened, so deeply had she been impressed that it would never be possible or even right for her to laugh again.






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