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  In 2017-18, Queen registered pretty much 26,000 undergraduate and graduate students in on the internet classes, been heading to get up fifteen per cent from 2016-17. Length instruction enrolment doubled involving 2013 and 2017. We will see different permutations and combos of on the internet and face-to-face  so intertwined and built-in they is going to be almost indistinguishable, predicts Scott.

  She agrees with Memorial Watson that doing the job industry experts certainly are a growth marketplace for universities, which confront only gradual enlargement in enrolment by 18- to 22-year-olds.

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  In 2017, Queen launched a number of new graduate qualifications for doing the job older people. Among the possibilities is really a 12-month arts leadership master diploma from Queen Isabel Bader Centre with the performing Arts and the university Dan College of Drama and Audio. This system has 3 unique parts: on-campus courses; self-driven online learning; and a short-term placement at an arts firm.

  Kevin Tanner was complex director from the Bader Centre when he signed up for the new degree. With 8 many years of expertise in different arts companies in eastern Ontario, he was not about to quit his working day task for full-time reports. I had no interest in leaving a career which is really difcult to have into, he says.

  The program, says Tanner, allowed me to open up up my horizon throughout a myriad of regions during the arts business which i wouldn't happen to be in a position to touch on [as an individual], even though allowing for me to continue to operate in my full-time role. Tanner graduated last 12 months, and credits this system for his career leap to the more senior managerial position at Alberta Banff Centre for Arts and Creativeness, the location of his position placement and where by he now works as managing director of output.

Want to study at an Hong Kong the only institution which focuses on professional teacher education through academic and research programmes in Hong Kong.


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