Those years, those happy summers

2018-07-12 02:23

I am a teacher, an ordinary middle school teacher. Did not expect such a ordinary people, but also the envy: when he heard that I am a teacher and many people will come, oh, when the teacher good, can have summer and winter vacation every year! Just think about it. In this fast-paced era, it is a kind of rare enjoyment to "steal a free life for half a day". If you have a large amount of time to spend freely, you will be happy to die!

In fact, my summer vacation "looked beautiful", but it was boring. Last year, for example Serviced apartment Central, I spent the rest of my time doing nothing but wiping the floor, picking up my wife and daughter, and writing a few words. Her daughter's summer vacation, by contrast, seems to be more busy than school: the wife to her daughter called the two classes, a painting class, a dance class, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and adults, not in the "class", is on the way to go to the "class". Looked at the daughter busy, but my heart is helpless, in this competitive era, tend not to advance is to go back, children, too, if lose on the starting line, the road of the future will go more difficult...

Going back to the summer vacation of our time, there is no such thing as cram school, only freedom and happiness. In those summer holidays, we had no cell phone, no computer, no air conditioner, so our happiness was simple and simple. Happiness was always easy to come by in my aunt's house, in that old mud-brick house, in that busy bay. At that time, the bay son, the house is old and the dirt road is muddy, but the fields are full of crops, and the pond is crystal clear. There were so many children in the bay that we couldn't name them serviced apartments hong kong, but it didn't stop us from huddled together in a bamboo bed, staring at a black and white TV set and chattering all day.

During those summer holidays, we didn't have toys, no snacks, no so-called sightseeing Tours to increase our knowledge. We were in that small village, a large group of people of the same age who could have fun easily and casually. In the hot sun, we fought water battles in the river near the village. More than a dozen of us crowded together Aqua Peel, sweating and watching a naive simple black and white cartoon, but happy; We eat a cantaloupe that has no sweet taste, but it is delicious. We played a deck of CARDS together, and the next game of chess without children, but we were in high spirits. We couldn't find anything interesting to do, so we crowded under the tree and listened to the story of the headless and tailless adults.

During those happy summer holidays, I was either at my second aunt's house or at my aunt's house. Although it was two different environments, I enjoyed the same happiness. I have come to understand that the more I follow my heart, the more comfortable I become. The simpler, the happier!







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