Only for a hard but amazing life

2018-06-14 03:33

  Childhood: "The poor parents were left to talk again"

  Yang Hao was born in an intellectual family in Changsha. Before his grandfather retired, he taught at colleges and universities, and his parents were also teachers in colleges and universities. Due to her parents’ busy business, Yang Hao was fostered in his grandfather’s home for a long time. Lack of supervision and supervision of parents, Xiao Tong has become a fun and active personality, often running in various streets and alleys. Later, the parents transferred to a university in Guangzhou to serve, and Yang Lan, 5 and a half years old, followed him south.

  After going to Harvard, many people would ask Yang Hao’s parents: “Is this child very good at a young age?” Parents will answer very directly: “He had very poor performance since childhood.”

  Yang Hao said that this is true. Since childhood, his performance in class was particularly "stable." There are a total of 50 people in the class. His ranking has been changed between the 35th and 36th figures. "I'll be lazy and don't do my homework. The result will be 36. Take time to look at it and the result will be 35."

  "At the age of only fractional theory, scores and rankings are almost the student's ID at school." Yang Hao smiled and recalled that if a student makes a mistake, good students are considered "naughty." It will be regarded as a poor “nasty” and become the subject of teacher control.

  Once, after attending the parent-teacher meeting, Yang Xie’s father vomited as soon as he returned home. “The poor parents were left to talk again.” Xiao Yang said immediately: "The teacher said, we are not poor students and are hopeful children."


  Lost: "Fate gave me a slap in the face"

  In high school, Yang Lan was assigned to the sponsorship class. In this class, the school did not even put them in the same building as other students. But this is the appetite of contractors. Everyone has fun and cultivated deep feelings.

  In the third year, in order to “learn to prepare for the war” and save time, Yang Hao and the other two students rented out of school and imagined the various campus life after the “fighting”. Under realistic circumstances, everyone could chat every night. In the middle of the night, the next day, I was exhausted...

  Indulge in basketball, make friends, talk about high school life, let the fate did not hesitate to laugh at him: that year college entrance examination, he did not pass the undergraduate line, and even the provincial college did not test, just admitted to the city line.

  “At that time, the greatest psychological stress should be the parents.” Yang Hao said that the children of other college workers have successfully passed the national focus one by one, and their children are...

  Once again, the parents broke their hearts for the children. Through various channels, they fought for Yang Lan four ways: First, go to the city college, and strive for a two-year college post; Second, go abroad, go to New Zealand to study matriculation, the next year to test the local university; Third, think of ways to pay the sponsorship fee University, reading non-popular majors; Fourth, repeat, re-entry college entrance examination.

  Yang Hao did not hesitate to decide to repeat the reading. "Because some things haven't been found yet, I must get it back." In fact, at that time, he didn't know what exactly was.