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2018-03-13 06:48

 To remove the black rim of the eye, the main reason for finding its own black eye is to be found first. As we usually say to the right medicine, the effect of treatment will be better, against the black eye is the same.

The formation of the black eye is caused by the lack of sleep after staying up. There is also a lack of an element that leads to improper diet. In addition to frequent exposure to tobacco and alcohol, or when the situation is not good, it is easy to postpartum black eye. Here we are going to solve a solution to the formation of a black eye after an improper diet

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Since it is due to improper diet, then we only need to adjust the correct diet, the black eye can be completely "drive away". So what kind of food to remove black eye? The following food is recommended to you, do not defend yourself to try it!

Fruit of Chinese wolfberry

The effect of Lycium barbarum on liver and eyesight has been known for a long time, because it is rich in carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium and iron, etc. it is the necessary nutrition for healthy eyes.

Three kinds of recipe for Chinese wolfberry:

1, medlar Garmisch: cooked porridge, add a little sugar, can treat the phenomenon of blurred vision and tears;

2, Chinese wolfberry and chrysanthemum: drinking with hot water can make the eyes easy and bright.

3, medlar and liver: soup, with heat, eliminate eye irritation and dark circles appear late at night.

Cassia seed

Cassia seed has the efficacy of clearing liver and eyes and moistening the intestines. It can improve the swelling and pain of the eyes, red red tears and prevent the weakening of visual acuity.


In addition to vitamin E can nourish the eye and eye muscles, vitamin A also has this effect. Carrots are an alternative to increasing vitamin A intake, which can maintain normal function of the epithelial tissue and improve the black eye. In addition, the vitamin A contained in carrots also helps to improve vision, especially in the dark. Other foods containing vitamin A include animal liver, cream, eggs, alfalfa, apricot and so on.


Iron is the core component of hemoglobin. Therefore, supplementation of a suitable amount of iron can increase hemoglobin, thereby enhancing its ability to transport oxygen and nutrients, while kelp is rich in iron. Therefore, regular use of kelp can also alleviate the trouble of dark circles. Other iron rich foods include animal liver, lean meat, and so on.

Green Tea

Regular use of computer users can drink green tea, supplement specific plant nutrients, eliminate the black eye caused by computer radiation. Green tea contains concentrated polyphenols, which can inhibit the destruction of free radicals to skin support fibers. It is the most effective anti free gene that is recognized as the most effective today. Drinking low caffeine green tea can not only eliminate dark circles, but also contain catechins, which can help body fat metabolism, and also help sleep. It can not only stabilize sleep quality, but also make it difficult for people to feel tired.


Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, and protein can promote cell regeneration. Therefore, regular consumption of eggs and increase of protein intake has certain effect on relieving the formation of dark circles. But the body can only absorb up to two eggs per day, so it is not appropriate to eat more than two eggs.

Some people used to eat raw egg, in fact, is not easy to digest raw egg, also contain bacteria, it is recommended that you eat boiled egg is the best. Besides, lean meat, eggs, aquatic products and so on are also rich in high-quality protein. Eating this kind of food often helps to reduce the formation of dark circles. But because the protein composition of eggs is closest to the human body, the best absorption effect is.


The role of Ufa well known, but its effectiveness to eliminate dark circles may be a little unknown. Sesame is rich in vitamin E, which has a nourishing effect on the eyeball and eye muscles, which can relieve the formation of the black eye. It can make beautiful hair black and beautiful, and can eliminate black eye circles, and kill two birds with one stone. It is no wonder that some people regard sesame as magic "magic food". In addition to sesame, rich in vitamin E, other foods are peanuts, walnuts, sunflower etc..

Vitamin B family

Vitamin B1 is one of the nutritional sources of visual nerve, vitamin B1 is insufficient, eye fatigue is easy, vitamin B2 is insufficient, and it is easy to cause keratitis. You can eat more sesame, soy, fresh milk, malt and other foods.

Of course, diet plus good habits, early to go to bed early, do not stay up late, do not drink no smoking, this treatment is better.







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